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Tukwila Garage Doors | Are you in love?

Are you in love with your garage door? If your answer is no, then we think you might be taking your garage door for granted. Your garage door is completely faithful to you, going up and down without asking any questions over and over every single time you ask. Not only that but it protects you, your car, and belongings every time you close the door with your car inside. All of this and it rarely ever complains.

But if the garage door does complain it means that it really needs some attention and should not be ignored, really it is the least you can do considering how great the door is to you. So as Valentine’s Day approaches makes sure you are showing your garage door some appreciation.

Tukwila Garage Doors | New Year Safety Checks

New Year’s is the perfect time to have a garage door tech come out an check up on your garage door. They can check all of the safety features and parts to make sure that everything is in good working order and not going to cause any problems. If they do find something that is an issue they can tell you at the time and are prepared with all the tools and parts in their truck to fix the problem right then and there. This will save you so much time and money down the line.

So many people don’t realize that they need to have check ups done on their garage door, but is just like any other large piece of equipment it will break down over time and need repairs. You have checks ups done on your car for the same reason, to avoid issues and costly repairs, so treat your garage door similarly and it will last much longer!

Tukwila Garage Doors | Fast track to better home value

There are ways to increase your home’s value, but there’s one method in particular that is not only a very quick way, but we think it’s probably one of the best ways.  And ask your Realtor, of course, but we’re fairly certain that they would agree.  Go out and look at your home, and think about what could be done in one go that would dramatically increase your home’s value.  If you said burn it to the ground seek help.  If you said replace your busted up garage door, you’re on to something.  Notice how much of your home’s appearance is dominated by the garage door?  Now think about what a less than stellar garage door is doing for your home’s appearance and value.  Rather than deal with a lot of small things that could potentially work toward your home’s value, take care of the one big thing that will do it fast!

Tukwila Garage Doors | The Wood And Metal Dilemma

Buying a garage door can appear quite daunting on most of the occasions. You might have already completed a fair share of research on the garage doors. You might be aware of the difference between roller doors and sectional doors already and are also quite flexible with the budget. However, the most common question that you would come across when buying garage doors is- metal or wood? This problem presents itself to every homeowner because of which delays become quite common. Both metal and wood come with their own set of specifications, advantages and disadvantages.

While metal is cheaper and more convenient, wood is expensive but looks classy at the same time. The natural texture of wood is better than the unappealing and even cold metal doors. However, the security options, durability and flexibility of metal is unmatched by wood. What is best for your home would depend on your personal choices, needs and more specially, the budget.

Wood doors- if your house comes with a more traditional look and the aesthetics are mostly warm, you should be opting for a wood door. This is because this kind of doors are always great for houses that have been built in the Victorian style architecture or look like/are ranches or colonial style homes. If you already see a lot of woodwork in your house, then opting for wood doors would be a great idea. You can paint these doors, stain them in the color of your choice and also use sealants and surface lubricants in order to make them weather proof. These doors have a very long life. However, if the wood is left untreated, it would deteriorate really soon because of the sun and the rain. Remember, these doors are going to be fairly costly. Though most of the woods have already been treated, you must definitely confirm this from the dealer.

Steel doors- most of the people who opt for a steel door are attracted because of its reasonable prices as well as its durability. These doors do not seek a demanding maintenance schedule and they can easily last a lifetime. The good news is that they can even be made to mimic the appearance of a wood door and give you the same aesthetic appeal at the fraction of the cost. They are lighter, more manageable and always stay protected from the weather elements.

Now that you know about the features of both these doors, it will become easier to make a choice. Good luck!

Tukwila Garage Doors | Why you should leave Garage door repair to the pros!!!

There has been a recent trend in homeowners engaging in DIY projects. Most of the time a home DIY repair can save you time and money. However, there are some repairs that you should leave up to the professionals. A garage door repair project is definitely one of them!

A garage door is one of the heaviest moving objects in your home. It has several complex and moving parts that, if not handled by a seasoned professional, could be very dangerous and even life threatening.

Garage Door Professionals

Only skilled professionals know how to handle the repairs or replacement of a garage door. It is very important that every component is correctly installed. If not, one small mistake with any of the pieces could cause the door to fall off track – and onto the family car.

If you attempt a DIY repair you may buy the wrong parts and spend more time trying to figure out how to install them than if you had called a professional to handle it.

When trying to tackle a DIY job like this, you’re risking injury to yourself and possibly even death. Every year people are hurt from garage door accidents, either by being struck by a falling door or by being trapped underneath one.

Don’t get trapped underneath your garage door!

Hire a professional and get it done right the first time! Save time and money with a trusted garage door repair company.

Tukwila Garage Doors | Modern American Garage Doors

  • Modern American garage doors take up 25%-35% of most homes front exterior, yet they equal less than 1% of your home’s cost.
  • Modern American garage doors are much more than entryways to your house; they are members of your family. As such, they can either embarrass you or make you proud.  
  • Modern American garage doors are “greener” than ever, with an ever-shrinking carbon footprint. New doors are much lighter, saving you energy, and many are insulated, saving you even more energy.  An insulated garage door may also earn you tax credits in some cases.
  • Modern American garage doors don’t just open your garage door nowadays – they are part of your home’s security system, and keepers of the curb appeal.
  • Modern American garage doors can be connected to your smart phone through the internet, and they can be raised and lowered by your iPhone from anywhere in the world!
  • Modern American garage doors are not what they seem. Doors that look like expensive wood are actually made out of durable laminates for that eye-catching look.

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