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  • Modern American garage doors take up 25%-35% of most homes front exterior, yet they equal less than 1% of your home’s cost.
  • Modern American garage doors are much more than entryways to your house; they are members of your family. As such, they can either embarrass you or make you proud.  
  • Modern American garage doors are “greener” than ever, with an ever-shrinking carbon footprint. New doors are much lighter, saving you energy, and many are insulated, saving you even more energy.  An insulated garage door may also earn you tax credits in some cases.
  • Modern American garage doors don’t just open your garage door nowadays – they are part of your home’s security system, and keepers of the curb appeal.
  • Modern American garage doors can be connected to your smart phone through the internet, and they can be raised and lowered by your iPhone from anywhere in the world!
  • Modern American garage doors are not what they seem. Doors that look like expensive wood are actually made out of durable laminates for that eye-catching look.

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