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Tukwila Garage Doors | The Wood And Metal Dilemma

Buying a garage door can appear quite daunting on most of the occasions. You might have already completed a fair share of research on the garage doors. You might be aware of the difference between roller doors and sectional doors already and are also quite flexible with the budget. However, the most common question that you would come across when buying garage doors is- metal or wood? This problem presents itself to every homeowner because of which delays become quite common. Both metal and wood come with their own set of specifications, advantages and disadvantages.

While metal is cheaper and more convenient, wood is expensive but looks classy at the same time. The natural texture of wood is better than the unappealing and even cold metal doors. However, the security options, durability and flexibility of metal is unmatched by wood. What is best for your home would depend on your personal choices, needs and more specially, the budget.

Wood doors- if your house comes with a more traditional look and the aesthetics are mostly warm, you should be opting for a wood door. This is because this kind of doors are always great for houses that have been built in the Victorian style architecture or look like/are ranches or colonial style homes. If you already see a lot of woodwork in your house, then opting for wood doors would be a great idea. You can paint these doors, stain them in the color of your choice and also use sealants and surface lubricants in order to make them weather proof. These doors have a very long life. However, if the wood is left untreated, it would deteriorate really soon because of the sun and the rain. Remember, these doors are going to be fairly costly. Though most of the woods have already been treated, you must definitely confirm this from the dealer.

Steel doors- most of the people who opt for a steel door are attracted because of its reasonable prices as well as its durability. These doors do not seek a demanding maintenance schedule and they can easily last a lifetime. The good news is that they can even be made to mimic the appearance of a wood door and give you the same aesthetic appeal at the fraction of the cost. They are lighter, more manageable and always stay protected from the weather elements.

Now that you know about the features of both these doors, it will become easier to make a choice. Good luck!

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